Friday, October 17, 2008

What is Obama's Ideology?

3 key people to understanding what the Obama ideology (& that of the radical left) in the USA is really about:

(1) Antonio Gramsci (1891 - 1937) helped found the Italian Communist Party.

Why is Gramsci relevant?
Because his "The Prison Notebooks", contain a strategy that promises to win the world to Marxism voluntarily. Gramsci said that strong Western democracies [think USA] can only be taken by infiltration of the organs of their culture:
- churches
- education systems
- newspapers, magazines, media,
- works of serious literature produced in those democracies.

Gramsci was disillusioned by the brute force of Russian Marxism [as was Saul Alinsky], but he still embraced Marxism as the correct system to be pushed on the world.

Gramsci said that a Marxist system that was imposed by force would eventually fail (think USSR), BUT a system that was sold to the people through their existing institutions would eventually be embraced and spread as if it were naturally a people's own.

Who studied Gramsci and his strategies? Saul Alinsky.

(2) Saul Alinsky (1909 - 1972) a radical leftist, anti-capitalist, who favored Marxist ideas over all others, (but had differences with the Russian communist govt & Official Communist party b/c they wouldn't oppose Hitler), founded modern Community Organizing in America, with a focus on Chicago, IL. Author of 2 books, including "Rules for Radicals."

Community Organizing is essentially organizing people to boycott, protest and threaten in unique ways in order to get the economically and politically powerful ("the haves") to give them ("the have-nots") what they want.

What is the Gramsci-Alinsky Connection
- both believed in Marxism, a.k.a. "redistribute/spread the wealth"
- both were anti-capitalist
- both sought to infiltrate/organize the "organs of culture" to create a marxist revolution (churches, schools, media)
- Alinsky applied Gramsci's methods for marxist revolution to 20th c. USA

What is the Alinsky-Obama Connection?
For 3 years (1985 - 1988) between graduating from Columbia University (NYC) and attending Harvard Law, Obama worked as a Community Organizer in Chicago (with an entity called, "Developing Communities Project" - "DCP", a subsidiary of Gamaliel). He was trained, indoctrinated in, and then eventually trained others (including ACORN and Gamaliel) in the Saul Alinsky methods of Community Organizing.

In fact, he went to law school not to become a lawyer, but to learn the politics of power.

In 1988, Obama wrote an essay that became Chapter 4 in the book "After Alinsky." Here's an excerpt:

This means bringing together churches, block clubs, parent groups and any other institutions in a given community to pay dues, hire organizers, conduct research, develop leadership, hold rallies and education campaigns, and begin drawing up plans on a whole range of issues — jobs, education, crime, etc. Once such a vehicle is formed, it holds the power to make politicians, agencies and corporations more responsive to community needs.

Do you see the same Gramsci/Alinsky language in Obama's essay?

In case you still doubt Obama's dedication/indoctrination in the radical/marxist Saul Alinsky method of Community Organizing (aka agitation), read what Saul's son [L. David Alinsky] wrote in his Boston Globe editorial on August 31, 2008 about the 2008 DNC:

Barack Obama's training in Chicago by the great community organizers is showing its effectiveness. It is an amazingly powerful format, and the method of my late father [Saul Alinsky] always works to get the message out and get the supporters on board. When executed meticulously and thoughtfully, it is a powerful strategy for initiating change and making it really happen. Obama learned his lesson well.

[By the way, ACORN you must know of by now. Do you know about Gamaliel? Here's their identity: "Segregation and racism are primary and driving forces inside American politics, culture and society. Racism fuels the current injustice and the current political reality we experience every day. We have a vision for our country that is based on radical hope, inclusive community, and shared abundance for all." Hmmm, does it sound like any radical Chicago pastor that you've heard of, say, Rev. Jeremiah Wright?]

(3) Bill Ayers (born 1944) a radical leftist terrorist (starting with his bombing of Chicago police station in 1969 to his 1975 bombing of the Kennecott Corporation); 1981 - said "Guilty as hell, free as a bird. America is a great country." 2001 - said "I don't regret setting the bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." His current college office door is currently plastered with pictures of Malcolm X and police assassin Abu-Jamal.

From about 1982 to 1987 (while Obama was @ Columbia/NYC), Ayers was going to Bank Street (Teacher's) College (just down the street from Columbia) to get his M.Ed., & his M.Ed. and Ed.D. at Columbia.

QUERY: Could Obama's interest in the radical left have began during his time at Columbia University and his 2 years that he stayed in NYC after that (1981 - 1985), during which time the radical, unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers, was at Columbia (and Bank Street College just down the road) getting 3 advanced teaching degrees? I would love to have someone ask Obama if he met Ayers while at Columbia/NYC.

Remember too that Obama has refused to allow Columbia and Harvard to release any information of his applications or records.

Remember, Obama had absolutely no connection to Chicago up to 1985. Where did he get the idea to go from NYC to Chicago to become a Community Organizer?

(Here's a brief summary of Obama's residences up to 1985 when he went to Chicago: Obama was born in 1961 to a Kenyan father - who was just visiting HI for a college education - and American (hippie) mother, instantly giving Obama a dual citizenship. They divorced when he was age 2. In 1967 she remarried to an Indonesian, and moved Obama to Indonesia, and resided with him there, thus giving him an Indonesian citizenship. 4 years later, in 1971, Obama left his mother to live with his maternal grandmother in HI, and attended public school in HI from 5th grade through his h.s. graduation in 1979. He then went to college in CA for 2 years, then transferred to Columbia and graduated from Columbia in 1983 and continued to live in NYC until 1985. Obama would later travel under his Indonesian passport at age 19/20. Do you see any Illinois or Chicago connection here that would prompt him to go to Chicago in 1985? Although Michelle is from Chicago, he would not meet her until 1989 while a summer intern at a Chicago law firm.)

1991 - Obama graduates from Harvard Law and returns to Chicago
- in 1989 he had met Michelle (raised in Chicago) while a summer intern at a Chicago law firm
- in late 1980's he had started attending Rev. Wright's church
- upon arriving in Chicago in 1991/1992 (and continuing to 2004), he teaches at Univ of Chicago Law School as an "instructor" - during his time there, he taught 3 classes - a favorite of his being "voting rights."
- was a lawyer for only 3 years (1993 - 1996) at a small Chicago law firm (specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic dev)
- 1992 - Rev. Wright marries Obama & Michelle
- by 1991 (and since 1987) Bill Ayers is back in Chicago, teaching education at the (state) Univ of IL @ Chicago (query: Doesn't it bother the citizens of Illinois that their tax money pays the salary of an American terrorist?)

The Boards of Directors & Money Connections to Bill Ayers

(1) Woods Foundation of Chicago
1993 - 2002 - Obama was on the Board of Directors for the Woods Foundation of Chicago
1999 - present - Bill Ayers was on the Board of Directors for the Woods Foundation of Chicago

Who is the Woods Foundation? It was the first to fund Obama's DCP in 1985.
Okay, what was that again? Yes, Obama runs and teaches for the Alinsky-model-DCP from 1985 - 1988, which was funded by the Woods Foundation, and then 5 years later is hired by the Woods Foundation to be on the Board of Directors, eventually serving with Bill Ayers.

Who got MONEY from Woods while Obama sat on the Board?
You guessed it! Ayers. Ayers' radical school reform orgs, Small Schools Workshop and the Chicago Forum for School Change. (Ayers was their co-founder and co-director.)

How much Money and When?
1995 - $20,000
2001 - $35,000

(2) Chicago Annenburg Challenge ("CAC")

Who is CAC? In 1993/1994, Bill Ayers co-wrote a grant request for apx. $50 million, and submitted it to the Annenburg Foundation. The grant was a request for monies to start an organization that would fund radical education reform non-profit-orgs (npo's) and efforts in Chicago. In January 1995, Bill Ayers got the grant.
Obviously, Ayers became the 1st Chairman of the educational policy arm of CAC (called the "Collaborative"). After-all, he was the "brain-child" and "guiding force" of the CAC; he did ask for the money so that he could promote his anti-establishment, anti-American, radical education reform agenda.

Ayers' radical education reform philosophy includes:- infusing students and their parents with a radical political commitment, & downplayed achievement tests in favor of activism
- teachers should be community organizers dedicated to provoking resistance to American racism and oppression.
- 1995 (i.e. the start of CAC) Ayers' quote: "I'm a radical, Leftist, small 'c' communist,"

CAC was "housed" at Univ of IL @ Chicago, presumably because of Ayers' position/offices there. Univ of IL @ Chicago also "housed" Ayers' 2 radical NPO's, Small Schools Workshop (Ayers was founder/co-director 1992 - 2002) and the Chicago Forum for School Change.

Who did Bill Ayers hire to be the 1st Chairman of the Board & President of CAC (the money part of CAC) in June 1995? Obama.

[At first Obama denied that Ayers recruited him, but recently released CAC records prove that it is true. Ayers was part of a group of five to assemble the initial Board.]

1995 - 1999 - Obama was CAC's Chairman & President, Board member until 2001 (CAC ended in 2001 - giving its assets to another entity, which Obama continued to serve on its Board until 2004, along with Ayer's brother and father)
- 1995 - Ayers was "ex officio" member of the Board of CAC
- 1995 - 2002 - Ayers was co-chair of the Collaborative, the education policy arm of the CAC
- Obama, as Chairman of the Board has "significant consultation" & worked "as a team" with Ayers, co-chair of the Collaborative (educ. policy) arm of CAC
- CAC's records from 1995 says it was a "Founder-Lead Foundation"
- CAC, especially in 1995, faced internal problems with self-dealing, regarding its money awards to orgs of its own board members, e.g. Ayers' radical education organizations, and those of his friends

QUERY: Why doesn't Obama mention his CAC position in his 2 biographies?
Who got MONEY from Woods while Obama sat on the Board?
You guessed it! Ayers.
Ayers' radical school reform orgs, Small Schools Workshop and the Chicago Forum for School Change. (Ayers was their co-founder & co-director.)

What was that again?
Yes, Ayers hired Obama to run his grant monies, and then Obama turned around & gave the grant monies to Ayers' and his friends radical groups.

QUERY: Can Obama identify conflicts of interest?

Under Obama's direction, CAC gave over $100 million to radical leftist groups:
"Proposals from groups focused on math/science achievement were turned down. Instead CAC disbursed money through various far-left community organizers, such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (or Acorn)." (S. Kurtz) (Obama had done giving community organization training to ACORN, and ACORN members had volunteered on his campaign.)
Groups "like the South Shore African Village Collaborative and the Dual Language Exchange [who received CAC funds] focused more on political consciousness, Afrocentricity and bilingualism than traditional education. CAC's in-house evaluators comprehensively studied the effects of its grants on the test scores of Chicago public-school students. They found no evidence of educational improvement." (S. Kurtz)

How much Money did Ayers' groups get and When?
1996 - $175,000
1997 - $260,000

Obama's continued connections to Ayers & continued Conflicts of Interest

(1) In late 1995, Bill Ayers hosted a political gathering for the leftist liberals in Chicago to give then-State Senator Alice Palmer a stage to announce that she would not be running for re-election in 1996, but rather, would be running for the US Congress - AND to announce HER hand-PICKED successor - Obama. An attendee at the event said this on her blog in 2005: "[Ayers & Dohrn] were launching [Obama] - introducing him to the Hyde Park community as the best thing since sliced bread."

What is Alice Palmer's ideology? Well, she went to Moscow in 1986 to attend the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Now, for the rest of the story: Palmer lost the primaries for US Congress & came back to Chicago and asked Obama to step aside so she could run for re-election. Not only did Obama refuse, but he had her State Senate re-election race petition signatures disqualified on technicalities. Then, he had the other Democrats in the State Senate race disqualified on the same basis. So, he won the State Senate primary unopposed.

QUERY: What qualifications and connections to IL did Obama really have to run for State Senator in 1996?
- Had run an entity (CAC) for a few months before announcing his campaign.
- Had been on a board of directors (Woods) for a few years.
- Had taught some classes at law school.
- Was a lawyer for a couple years.
- Was a community organizer for three years.

(2) Obama's CAC Board Chairmanship, President term, and board tenure (of CAC and its successor), overlaps his Illinois State Senator term for 8 years - from 1997 to 2004. AND, Obama's Wood's Foundation board membership overlaps his Illinois State Senator term for 6 years - from 1997 to 2002.

So, while Obama is funding radical far-left groups like ACORN and Gamaliel and DCP, he is a sitting State Senator - making decisions for IL.

QUERY: Was the radical far-left community organizing and other groups ideology that he was funding the same ideology that was informing his decision-making as a Senator?
QUERY: If not, how does Obama explain that duality of thinking and belief system?

(3) 2004 - Obama stops his teaching and board memberships when he runs for US Senate.


(1) It's about a web of ideology - not an association.

It's purely my conjecture, but I believe that ever since Obama's application to the Columbia, the ultra-lib Columbia powers-that-be hand-picked Obama to be a polished political leader with radical liberal ideas for the 21st century that could be packaged into an acceptable form for the unsuspecting majority.

(2) Beyond connections: Obama's "uniting" - aka waffling & equivocating

Obama has a history - and a reputation - for being a "uniter" going back to his election as President of Harvard Law Review, and his work on the CAC Board, as well as his statements as a State Senator, and his Presidential election. But, his uniting usually takes the form of (a) either slightly changing the language of an idea to make it more palatable to his disgruntled audience, and thus, take the stuffing out of the original idea, or (b) changing his position all together while telling prior supporters who like the original position that he'll still "take care of them."

Ackerman, the Hyde Park activist, complained of Obama becoming too "conservative" for his tastes, "But any candidate running for president is going to strive for broader appeal and move more to the center — I don’t believe that Barack has departed from his basic principles.”

Dr. Young (another attendee at the 1995 Ayers/Obama coming out party) said that he was disappointed that Obama is “equivocating” on his support for [Young's pet issue - single-payer health care], after Obama had said in the past that he supported it. But he said Obama’s style — “cautious, deliberate, defensive” — was also familiar from the senator’s Hyde Park days. “It’s part of his stated strategy: He wants to get maximum unity.”

At CAC, when board member Arnold Weber was concerned that parents "organized" by community [organizing] groups might be viewed by school principals "as a political threat," Obama arranged meetings with the Collaborative to smooth out Weber's objections.

What does this mean? Did he assure Weber that the schools wouldn't be threatened, which would be a meaningless assurance? Or did he persuade the Collaborative's Director (Ayers) to change the proposed community organizing groups and the proposed radical educational reform policies, which hardly seems plausible? Or, did he say enough cautious, equivocating words, that both Weber and Ayers felt okay?

At Harvard Law Review, Obama won in part by convincing the conservative minority of law students that he would treat them fairly. But, Obama also said, "I personally am interested in pushing a strong minority perspective. I'm fairly opinionated about this." He reportedly ended minor disputes with the words, "Just remember, folks: Nobody reads it."

West - then teaching at another law school - was invited by Obama to fill a Law Review slot and wrote an essay for the Law Review. She said that Obama "clearly agreed with me at the time that a shift in constitutional thinking from a rights-based discourse to one that centered [on] responsibility and duties ... would be a good thing."

QUERY: Does this square with Obama's proposed entitlement and tax programs?


QUERY: Does Obama have a set of core beliefs, or, an ideology? If so, does anyone really know what it is?

- Is it the marxist community organizing ideology of Alinsky, that he worked so hard for and trained others in?

- Is it the radical small "c" communist reform ideology of Ayers, whose radical groups he gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to?

- Is it the ideology of activist Ackerman, who believes that Obama hasn't "departed from his basic principles," but has just voted a little to the middle to appease a larger audience?

- Is it the ideology of equivocating, as Dr. Young said from his experience with Obama changing his mind about a single-payer-health-care plan?

- Is it the ideology of Ayers' Collaborative's anti-establishment school reform, or the ideology of not wanting to politically threaten school principals?

- Is it the ideology of appeasement by convincing others that no one will notice the distinctions?

- Is it the ideology of West's responsibility-centered-Constitutional interpretation, which she believed (at the time) that Obama agreed with? or

- Is it the ideology of pushing a minority perspective in issues and policies, as he personally specifically stated?



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Monday, February 18, 2008

McCain deceives Wisconsin voters by STEALING Huckabee's Motto in his Robo-Calls

Yep. He did it. The honest, civil campaign of McCain against Huckabee has gone out the window, along with his honor, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, even if I disagreed with his votes/actions in the Senate, I still admired his POW service and thought that he was honorable.

Today (February 18, 2008) McCain's campaign placed automated calls to Wisconsin voters, some of them with his wife's recorded message.

In the recording, the speaker says that McCain supports or believes in "Faith, Family and Freedom," which obviously is - and has always been - Governor Huckabee's motto. It has a logo on Huckabee's website. It's on the side of the Huckabee bus. It's on posters and bumper stickers. It's Huckabee's logo.

There are many many Huckabee supporters in Wisconsin who have this robo-call message - complete with the STOLEN MOTTO - recorded on their voicemail.

Does McCain want his opponents to call and leave deceiptful messages that they are the "Straight Talk" candidate?

McCain just flat out STOLE Huckabee's Motto - and more importantly - MISREPRESENTED himself to the people of Wisconsin. Why? Because he wanted to appear to be Huckabee because he's too weak to earn their votes honestly.

By all means, Senator, feel free to use any means - including stealing - to accomplish your "ends" of a "consolidated party." (Oh wait, wasn't there a former GOP President that thought the same way - yes, I think it was in 1968 - didn't he do something similar - try to steal something I think from the Dems - in a DC hotel maybe - what was that hotel called - Water-something?)

[Want to read about the first-hand experiences with these robo-calls from McCain that use Huckabee's motto? Go to the blogs for today, Feb. 18, 2008 and read some of the Huckabee supporters' comments.]


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My Open Letter to John McCain & the GOP

Dear John,

Any GOP candidate who wants to "consolidate" the party, and who refuses to
use a nationally televised debate v. other GOP'ers to do so, is either:

1. too weak and/or too lame

2. giving lip service to the idea of "consolidating" the Party, and is so
foolish that he actually believes he can win the National Elec. w/o
consolidating it

3. is lying when he says he will out-campaign, out-debate and out-perform
the Dem's - if you can't do it in your own camp, you can't do it against
the opposition.

"Good luck" with your continued attempts to pressure the thinking American
public & smart Republicans into backing you without you doing the actual
work. BTW, I'm not an evangelical, I'm more of a New Age spiritualist who
disagrees w/Huckabee on his family values platform, so you've gotta ask
yourself, "Why isn't she voting for me?"

Maybe you should give me the decency and respect of telling me why I
should vote for you - in a debate v. your only true opponent - Huckabee -
without the Romney static. In my eyes, along with all of my friends - who
were former Rudy & Mitt supporters & who STILL don't like you & yet
believe Mike won't make it - you never won any of the debates.

John, if you fail in a Feb 08 GOP Debate, you sure as heck are going to
fail in the Fall. So, you might as well debate now and reach a conclusion
1. You've got to improve your debating skills
2. You've got to withdraw because you'll cause the Party to fail in Nov.

Think of it this way: If Huckabee should drop out now because he won't win
in upcoming primaries, or he won't win in a Contested RNC, then logically,
you should drop out now because you won't win in November - against either
Dem candidate. Hillary will out-debate you on substance, and Obama will
out-debate you as a communicator and inspirational speaker.

With regard to your debate style & discussion of substance beyond the
bullet points & national security - the line of "just ask my friend _____,
he'll tell you how tough I am on ____, " - As Dr. Phil says, "How's that
workin' for ya?"

Not too well for you, John, not too well for either you or the Party.

[And, woe to the "king" who is deluded by the "yes-men" with whom he
surrounds himself.]

Wishing the Great USA All the Best,
Theresa Markham, Esq.
[divorce atty]
Hamburg, NJ


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Huckabee up 32 pts in Wisconsin Poll - within 4% margin of error (ARG)

According to the latest American Research Group Poll dated 2/16/08 for Wisconsin:

Huckabee 42%

McCain 46%

Huckabee has gained 32 points since the 6th.

Margin of error +/-4%

AND Undecideds are 7% - greater than the difference between Huckabee & McCain!

Oh yeah, that McCain is just goin' to town "building momentum" and "consolidating" that conservative base of the Party with all of that "name-dropping" campaigning of his!


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

To McCain, GOP big-wigs, Media & Others who continue to ask "Why is Huckabee still running?"

It's amazing how perplexed with fear McCain, the media, the old school GOP and even some Americans are by actual authenticity when it appears. Having so very little experience with authenticity in our society, our relationships, our media - and especially in the political arena - the average reaction to Huckabee's authenticity and depth of character, honesty and integrity is to look for an alterior motive, an undisclosed strategy, a secret passage to hidden agendas. When in reality the answer is that Mike Huckabee is simply participating in the American democratic process the way it is meant to be done.

To people who are used to deception, lies, half-truths, back-stabbing, one day here, the next day gone, and "oh by the way I changed my mind from yesterday," game-playing, the authentic, integrity-filled, promise-keeper Mike Huckabee poses a huge challenge to our current cultural and political PARADIGM, which is based on just the opposite.

How can you identify those people who are so disconnected from their own authentic self, their own inner strength? They are the ones who try to guess at Mike Huckabee's agenda, rather than believe the actual consistent statements that he has made over and over.

And, by the way Phil, you have misrepresented his statement - one of his reasons for finishing the race is for the Rest of America's VOICE to be heard, not his own. But, your Freudian slip, which is the same as those of the Good Ole Boy GOP, is indicative of the current malaise of American society and politics - you just assume it's about his ego, rather than his stated purpose - to serve the American people, to honor his commitment to the American people, and to use his best efforts to do what he thinks is best for America - to lead the US as its 44th President.

And, this GOP primary is also indicative of the short-term memory and attention span of our culture and politics. The purpose of the primary is to contest each other. The original purpose of the Convention is to contest each other, and therein reach a nominee conclusion. In trying to avoid the Contest and thus the risk, the GOP is exercising the same fatal flaw as the Dem's who would have American's avoid personal responsibility by obviating risk. The GOP & the media are trying to convince Americans that it's a zero-sum gain of butter v. guns (i.e. primary v national campaign), when in reality just the opposite is true. However, if the GOP were to expose the truth that a 2 man GOP primary race actually gives McCain more practice now in communicating, debating, and connecting with the American people before his supposed nomination and his supposed Presidential victory, then that would mean that McCain (& now the GOP big-wigs) would have to accept a RISK - and they don't want to do that because they fear losing. They want to jump ship now - the "ship" of the American democratic process.

It's not about "the good of the Party" - there is no "good of the Party" if there is no "good of America." And America is torn down, not raised up, by the childish manipulation games of McCain & the GOP to avoid the American Way of diligence, hard work, effort - and yes, RISK.

And still, allow me to reiterate the obvious Phil, it's about connecting with All Americans and winning the GOP nomination at a Contested Convention. Huckabee may win on the VERY FIRST VOTE at the Convention - especially after he gives his down-to-Earth eloquent speech (remember the wisdom of his Reagan endorsement speech that concluded the Reagan Library debate) and McCain gives his watching-paint-dry-is-better-than-this monologue. Or, like Abe Lincoln, he may win on the 3rd ballot. Why does Huckabee want to win at the Convention? Because he believes that he is the best man to:

1. Beat the Democrats in the National Election

2. Lead the United States of America for the Next 4 Years as the 44th POTUS

I agree with Huckabee on these 2 points. And so do millions of others. And if the childish, passive-aggressive manipulation tactics ended, and McCain, the GOP and the media sent a message to Americans that they actually REALLY DO VALUE the opinion of Americans, we would find that millions more Americans would speak up and say that they too find Huckabee's wisdom, authenticity, commitment, and character refreshing, necessary and valuable for Our Great Nation, and that they want it to lead us for the next 4 years.

Our Society is paralyzed by fear and confusion when presented by the very real authenticity of Mike Huckabee. And, McCain, the GOP & the media seek to take advantage of that state of shock by telling Americans, as the Wizard of Oz did, "don't look at that man behind the curtain," just focus on your fear - your fear that the authenticity and character can not possibly be real, and that you will be disappointed - just as all of us, and all the others have been. But Dorothy overcame her fear, and so the American people are overcoming theirs - even while McCain, the GOP & the media look on in disbelief.

[BTW, to Phil & readers, not only am I not an evangelical, I have a spirituality more in alignment with the concept of all of that New Age "Divine Source" stuff that Dyer, Williamson, etc. speak/write of. I don't agree w/Huckabee on the "family values" issues, but I do on every other issue. I've never been very interested in politics - just US history, never supported, campaigned for or donated to a candidate, nor was I ever a registered anything before this election. I didn't even know Huckabee's name until I half-watched a Fall 07 debate with my husband, and Huckabee mentioned the FairTax concept - and I said, "Who was that guy?"]

American's can do more than just settle this year - they can choose THE BEST man for the 44th President of the US. Allow the process to work.

Want to read more about what I think on this topic & why, go to my blog at

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New Age Truths & the GOP

Marianne Williamson has some wonderful spiritual writings, somewhat based on “A Course in Miracles,” and one of the ideas is that “you are either acting out of fear or love,” (which I completely believe). When you act out of fear, you’re operating from your weakness, and you lose. “Hell” is when you act out of fear, and thus you cause a “disconnect” from your Divine Source; “Heaven” is available to you on Earth when you do the opposite.

For a while now it’s been obvious to me that McCain is acting out of fear – and most recently, to an extreme. Everyone sees the irony in this, given that his proudest prong of his platform is military strength. The more that McCain allows the GOP to pressure the candidates & Americans into naming a nominee prior to the RNC, the more obvious it is that McCain is acting out of fear. The GOP is acting out of a similar fear.

What is McCain afraid of?

- He’s afraid he can’t beat the Dems without a head start.
- He’s afraid of looking bad @ the Convention.
- He’s afraid of struggling with limited time & resources for the remainder of the primaries.
- He’s afraid of losing in a debate.
- He’s afraid of struggling.
- He’s afraid of losing.
- He’s afraid he’ll have to leave the gentile election strategy and get vicious, thus making him “just like all the others” who ran a negative campaign.
- He’s afraid that 3 ½ more months of speaking with Americans face-to-face will push him over the edge.
- He’s afraid that 6 ½ more months of media coverage will catch him behaving badly.
- He’s afraid of losing in the first ballot after the remaining candidates give their speeches.
- He’s afraid his real answer to the tough questions about his failed Amnesty Plan, McCain-Feingold, and Gang of 14 won’t win over real Republicans.
- He’s afraid not enough people will like just him on his own 2 feet & he needs others to buttress him.
- He’s afraid he can’t speak to the issues without being able to “name-drop” and say that his is good at such-and-such, “just ask my friend, ____.”
- He’s afraid that he will lose if he stands on his own 2 feet.

And, you know what, he’s right! “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!”

There is no “unite the GOP” coming out of mainstream America. Mainstream America loves having a voice – that’s what created the now-GOP-MSM talk-radio. Mainstream America knows that Debate is a good thing. Mainstream America is strong enough to handle Competition.

Mike Huckabee is operating out of character, authenticity, and inner-strength rather than fear. Americans know this – so does the GOP, the Dem’s and the media. They have desperately cried out for it over and over in our political arena, but are shocked into paralysis and disbelief when confronted with its reality. To justify their own disbelief and fear, they point to labels that they say they don’t like (“evangelical”, because after all they are free of prejudice, except to those evangelicals – New Age-er’s, Marianne Williamson & “The Secret” are more socially accepted & embraced than those feared and hated “evangelicals.”), rather than forcing themselves to be inspired by – and embrace - this example of character and authenticity.

So, what is happening is that each individual American is experiencing an internal dialogue, possibly a struggle – whether to overcome their shock and awe at being presented with the long-awaited authentic, character-filled, great communicator candidate operating from strength, and embrace him, (the “Not Me” crowd) or whether to join the fear-filled others, (the “Me Too” crowd) the ones who are more famous, more “wise,” more “clout” people who chant “unite” to camouflage their real message of “act on your fear” and “disregard that man behind the curtain.”

As my sister often utters the New Age saying of, “What you resists, persists,” – and she’s RIGHT! The more the GOP persists on imposing McCain as the winner before the RNC, the more the reality of a better candidate, Huckabee will persist – THANK GOD!!!

My non-evangelical spirituality in politics thought for the day – in case any more pundits wanted to misrepresent Huckabee’s base as “evangelical” again.


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5 REASONS Why Mike Huckabee Must Take this All the Way to the RNC

MD, VA & DC were always supposed to go to McCain, but nevertheless, we would have preferred to have the VA delegates & momentum in our column. While everyone is back to speculating (except for Greta - I give her alot of credit for assuming that Mike will move on to the next contest) about Mike's future, here are my

5 REASONS Why Mike Huckabee Must Take this race All the Way to the RNC:

1. Mike is authentic - and he's made a promise, and he'll stick to it. It's unAmerican to quit, and a marathon runner doesn't quit.

2. It WOULD HURT (not help) the Rep Pty to lose the competition element - heck w/only Huckabee as competition, McCain did almost nothing for the last few days except point to endorsements - the Republicans will absolutely LOSE the National Election if that's what he does for the next 7 months & the Dems (esp. Obama) gets all the press for 7 months.

3. Also, IF McCain is going to follow Rove & Newt's advice to talk to the Rep base, then the only way he's going to do it is be forced to BE ARTICULATE & inspiring about the issues now - both of which he's BAD at doing. So, Huckabee forcing him to do it a little bit more just helps THE ULTIMATE NOMINEE & THE PARTY - b/c that's what the nominee will need to do absolutely brilliantly after Labor Day.

Those are my thoughts about why Huckabee passionately pursuing the race to the RNC is important - except for 2 more:

4. MIKE NEEDS TO WIN @ THE RNC BECAUSE - if the RNC nominates McCain the Republicans will lose in a landslide to the Dems in Nov. WHY? Did you see Obama's inspired & psyched crowd tonight? Did you hear the passion & enthusiasm in his voice? THEN Did you see McCain? The man has not been worn out campaigning & has had a couple days to prepare this speech - and THAT'S what he delivers??!!!! THINK ABOUT THIS - he had the same tone of voice of Huckabee - and Huckabee was disappointed & McCain won!!?? There is NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY McCain can win v. the Dems!!!!
{flashback: Ford v. Carter 1976 = utter failure – in Nov & next 4 yrs}

5. What’s the Other Reason Mike Huckabee needs to win the RNC or else the Republicans will lose to the Dems? Here’s why: If the RNC nominates McCain (then Huckabee being an honorable man will back the nominee), then I along with most of my fellow Reps, will vote for the Republican nominee. BUT, here’s what will be missing – the passion & enthusiasm of a HUGE part of the Rep Party to Get Out the Vote! And, in the face of an inspired Obama following & fired-up Dems who will do everything possible to GOTV, the Dems will win. Want a recent example? Here it is: A few days ago, Huckabee was down about 20 points to McCain in VA. [Think of that as the Reps being down 20 points to the Dems in the Fall.] How did that margin narrow to 9 points? Because of the passion & enthusiasm of the Huckabee supporters with grassroots, with rallies, with signs, with fliers & energy to GOTV!!! McCain simply is not capable of rallying that enthusiasm & passion in the Republican and/or conservative base – and without it, the Reps will lose in Nov.

DID THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HEAR THAT? I’ll say it again & I’m sure Mike will say it in a more eloquent articulate way @ the RNC –

McCain simply is not capable of rallying that enthusiasm & passion in the Republican and/or conservative base – and without it, the Reps will lose in Nov.

MIKE, NOW YOU KNOW exactly why I believe in you going all the way to the FINISH LINE!!!!!

GO MIKE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing the Next President of the United States Mike Huckabee & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Cinderella Man 2.0 (by DBZWarriors)

Makes you wonder just how many more times the media & the competition are going to get it wrong . . . Remember,

"You're going to have to beat me, because you're not going to discourage me." - Mike Huckabee, "Commonwealth," CA interview, January 2008


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Monday, February 11, 2008

1976 was the last GOP Brokered Convention - let's get it right this time!

Remember - 1976 was a brokered GOP convention (Ford & Reagan) - and the GOP picked the wrong guy!

I bet this year they learn from their experience & pick the RIGHT ONE: The Great Communicator & The One that can beat either Dem candidtate & the one who offers BOTH Executive Experience & Inspiration.

If the GOP had picked THAT ONE in 1976 the Country would have been spared ohhhh
soooooo much agony - including the Iran hostage crisis!

[BTW, can you picture Obama's reaction when the Joint Chiefs ask him for his answer about a new hostage crisis? Ha!]


Wishing the Next President of the United States Mike Huckabee & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Because of You (Huckabee's Song) - Beautiful!

by Anne Johnston-Brown

Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Monday, February 4, 2008

2008: The Year of the UNDERDOG!

Congratulations to the NFL Underdogs - and now, Super Bowl XLII Champs New York Giants!

Now, America, get ready for the 2nd Underdog upset of the Week - Mike Huckabee & SuperTuesday!


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Trend? Republican MSM predictions have been wrong for the last year!

J.M. posted this very wise article on the Offical Mike Huckabee for President blog:


It's interesting how many intelligent people keep calling the Republican race. I hate to state the obvious, but the current obvious trends in the race say NOTHING about what it might be in a week...a month....six months.

Romnney says "Facts are persistent." Here's one. Nationally, Romney and Huckabee are tied in a statistical dead heat.

Here's another. Delegate counts have Romney and Huckabee in a relatively tight race---considering only 8% of the delegates are in and Huckabee stands to do VERY WELL Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Missouri, and West Virginia.

Take Fox News for example. If Fox is still doing journalism, 'balance' and 'fairness' would require them to at least admit these facts.

No wild-eyed rants, just a sober prediction. Fox has been calling the race all year--first for Guliani, then for Thompson, now for McCain/Romney. Fox has tended to be wrong. I wonder if there is a trend no one's noticing. Is it possible that Fox's attempts to sway the race are backfiring, as viewers sense in each case--Guliani, Thompson, Romney, McCain-- that Fox is stepping a bit beyond journalistic integrity?

If that is the actual trend---Fox keeps calling the race, voters decide to prove them wrong---they might want to sit up and take notice, or they might just "predict" Mike Huckabee right into the White House.

Not that this would be a bad thing--as an Arkansas Reagan-Limbaugh-Huckabee conservative, I know which Republican turned Arkansas around after years of the Clintons running our state into the ground. The USA could use the same kind of turnaround.


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Would Ronald Reagan Support Mike Huckabee? (from the CA Reagan Library Debate)


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Friday, February 1, 2008

NJ FOR HUCKABEE RALLY Saturday Feb. 2nd 2PM Summit, NJ

Join us at the NJ for Huckabee Rally in Summit New Jersey, on Saturday, February 2, 2008 at 2:00 p.m.

If you're using to get directions, use this address:

360 Broad Street
Summit, NJ 07901

Email me at markham (at) if you have any questions.

Here's more information about the WHYs & WHATs of the NJ FOR HUCKABEE RALLY:

1. WHY GO?
- Important for Media to see 100+ people & for them to hear it direct from US why Mike s/b the NEXT POTUS

- Increase morale for Huck fans around the Country – when the bloggers post positive “we got exposure for Huck”, the Grassroots activity around the Country heats up even more!

- The Candidates & the Voters are asleep in NJ, people! We can use it to OUR ADVANTAGE!

- A lot of Rudy fans absolutely will not pull the lever for McCain & need more info about Huckabee

- McCain voters might take his “lead” for granted & not vote at all; there’s virually no Romney NJ presence at all & there won’t be.

- NJ GRASSROOTS – will be left to us – HUCKABEE – and ONLY US!


- speakers – media (interviewing & photo’g us) – sign waves – snacks, drinks – fliers – DVDs – music – corny stuff – raise $$ - & oppty to:
- Coordinate between ourselves & exchange info/ideas/stuff, such as, Do
you know where your polls are? Do you have signs to plant there? Etc.

- Other Huckabee Supporters will see us & stop by & be thrilled to see the energy & the presence of Huckabee in NJ & get supplies – which of course in turn will spurr them on to get out the vote. Not-yet-Huck people will ask questions & get info & share w/their friends.

- Imagine if the NJ exit polls actually had feedback like “I voted for
Mike Huckabee because he was the only one to actually have any campaign
outreach here.”


(A) RSVP on NOW!

(B) BRING PEOPLE – kids are great at rallies, so are spouses and friends
(even if they’re not a Huck fan, tell them you need help carrying the
stuff & you need company)

(C) SIGN UP NOW to BRING SNACKS – bought or baked – doesn’t matter


(E) BRING YOUR SIGNS & home-made banners/posters.

(F) BRING LITERATURE to share if possible

REMEMBER, if you know you'll be there, we'd love to hear from you ( & we'll be looking forward to meeting you!

GO MIKE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

NJ Right to Life Endorses Mike Huckabee

As of January 31, 2008:

NJ Presidential Primary is Tuesday, February 5, 2008 - Know where the Candidates Stand on Life

New Jersey's Primary Election Date has been changed to February 5, 2008 to make our state more competitive in the selection of the Presidential nominees for President. Before you vote, please take the time to learn where the candidates stand on the issue of LIFE.


--Updated January 31, 2008

New Jersey Right to Life PAC Endorses Mike Huckabee for President

-- .com">I Like Mike

Sean Hannity Supports The Fair Tax

Hannity interviews the authors of The Fair Tax - and discusses all of the benefits! Hannity starts out saying that he SUPPORTS it! At the end, Hannity says he believes in The Fair Tax and wants to see it passed as a law! Watch it here:

Did you know that The Fair Tax is before the Congress right now?


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Cut Federal Gas Prices Now! (The Best Economic Stimulus Pkg & We Hope Huckabee Uses it to Win!)

Go here now:


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Romney LOANED $$$ to his Campaign - and wants Supporters to PAY IT BACK!

Some of us knew that Romney was too much flash and too little substance. Is this what "strong financial business experience" means for our Country?

No risk to the Star with extensive resoures, but all the burden on the already-burdened shoulders of the average American Supporters?

True colors shining through. Still want Romney? Consider this blog posting by Huckabee supporter LC:

"ROMNEY'S 4TH QUARTER NUMBERS...Mitt Romney LOANED his campaign $18 MILLION in the final quarter last year while raising an additional $9 million from individual contributions, marking the first time he's LOANED more money to his campaign than he raised from outside sources. For the year, Romney raised $53.5 million from individuals and LOANED his campaign roughly $35 million. Romney has also spent considerable amount of cash in the first five weeks of 2008, including a big new ad buy for Tsunami Tuesday, as reported yesterday....LOANED is the KEY TERM ...This means he expects to collect this money back from his contributors..Spending the money and asking his contributors to reimburse him....This is how our Financial Gurus work in Washington....They spend money then take it from you...Mike is not spending money he does not have...Is Romney really any different that what we have in Washington now......You have to decide..I would suggest you vote for Mike Huckabee.... "


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Thursday, January 31, 2008

LEADERSHIP - Convey big ideas with few words

A blogger on the Offical Mike Huckabee blog, Odiaz28, put it this way:

"After watching last night's debate I thought to myself, look at how much Governor Huckabee said in the short time he had to talk, and look at how much McCaaine and Romney didn't say in the hour they had to talk."

I agree completely!

Watch the entire debate here:

And watch how Nancy Reagan smiles at Mike Huckabee's comments, and especially at the end - you can just sort of see her affinity for Mike, and his demonstration of Reagan's inspirational and conversational nature.

AND you can see Gov. Schwarzenegger say "He's right." And you can see the people behind Gov. Schwarzenegger and Nancy Reagan nod and same the same thing in agreement. [People agree with Mike - even if you're not hearing Rush, Hannity or Ann say it. The agree with a guy who connects with all Republicans, the agree with a guy who's going to BE REAL, regardless of whether it's popular or whether it's accepted by the Republican MSM.]

And, another blogger (DH) on the Official Mike Huckabee website blog put it this way:

"McCain sounded like he is loosing his mind tonight, Ron Paul lost his mind a long time ago, and Romney is trying to figure out which of his minds the conservative base of the party would respond to most favorably."

Very, very true!


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

CNN Sr. Political Analyst Bill Schneider says Huckabee was the ONLY ONE to Gain Ground

CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider:

"Huckabee, I think, stood out in this debate as the one who made sense, talked as ordinary people do, and rose above politics.

I think the one who really helped himself was Huckabee.

All in all: Huckabee gained ground, McCain probably lost ground, and Romney didn’t help or hurt himself – although he did effectively defend himself. McCain sounded petty – and that’s not the McCain voters know and like.

But to the extent that Huckabee may have made any gains from his performance, Romney’s got bigger worries out of tonight than the Arizona senator."


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Huckabee gets last word in CA Republican Debate - and the most eloquent and the most real

Huckabee summed up and demonstrated his role as a leader of this Country, and a leader among the Presidential Candidates tonight by delivering the following eloquent and real statement in response to the last question of tonight's debate - while the rest of the candidates focused, as usualy, on their pride, or arguing with each other. [The question was effectively, "Would Reagan endorse you if he were here today?" Mitt & McCain essentially said "yes," Ron Paul answered it sideways.]

"I think it would be incredibly presumptuous and even arrogant for me to try to suggest what Ronald Reagan would do, that he would endorse any of us against the others.

Let me just say this, I'm not going to pretend he would endorse me. I wish he would. I would love that, but I endorse him, and I'm going to tell you why.

It wasn't just his specific policies, but Ronald Reagan was something more than just a policy wonk. He was a man who loved this country, and he inspired this country to believe in itself again.

What made Ronald Reagan a great President was not just the intricacies of his policies, though they were good policies. It was that he loved America and saw it as a good nation and a great nation because of the greatness of its people.

And if we can recapture that, that's when we recapture the Reagan spirit. It's that spirit that has a can-do attitude about America's future and that makes us love our country whether we're Democrats or Republicans.

And that's what I believe Ronald Reagan did -- he brought this country back together and made us believe in ourselves.

And whether he believes in us, I hope we still believe in those things which made him a great leader and a great American."


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Full Throttle - by Mike Huckabee . . . and Delegates & "Electability"

FULL THROTTLE - by Mike Huckabee
January 30, 2008, 1:54 p.m.

Our campaign is full throttle toward Super Tuesday where a number of key Southern states, and other strong conservative states, are likely to add to our delegate count, which already had us in second place in delegates before Florida. I look forward to a healthy and constructive debate at the Reagan Library tonight as we discuss the conservative issues that matter to most Americans and will define our Party and our future.

We have a long way to go in this nominating process. When you look at what we have done, with what we have, it's a remarkable story that is not even close to being over. In fact, we like to believe we're just really getting started. I'm convinced that my optimistic message of hope and change will continue to resonate with voters as we head into Super Tuesday.


My comments? If you do the delegate calculus, Mike comes out on TOP, or at worst, in 2nd place - at the end of Super Tuesday - and then heads to huge support in Texas. For those who like Mike but worry about "electability," remember this! It's the Delegate count - and it's only just begun!

Also, he's the ONLY CANDIDATE to have BEATEN the Clinton Machine and the Democrat Machine - and more than once!
Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Monday, January 28, 2008

Trucker Randy - Getting the Word Out

Trucker Randy is a brave soul. He knows the real deal when he sees it - and it's Mike Huckabee. He has supported Mike in all sorts of selfless ways, including being the only "surrogate" at a straw-poll without a suit - and you know what? Much like Mike Huckabee, people connected and related to him! He speaks from the heart. Now, Randy is truckin' around the USA with Mike Huckabee signs on his truck - and he's handing out hundreds of more signs to truckers across the Country! The MSM - correct that - the MSM AND the Republican MSM have Noooooo idea that Mike Huckabee will be the Next President of the United States - but we do! There must be countless reasons why this fact scares the heck out of RepMSM. I don't know the reasons (I could guess, and certainly others have), but I do know that it's a shame that when authenticity appears, American media/entertainment becomes blind. Thank goodness, the rest of us "know it when we see it!"

BTW, have you noticed - especially in the FL debate last week - that the other Republican candidates have picked up Mike's words "good steward" and "stewardship." These are people who have never spoken about their faith during this election, and they're using a faith-term - it's amazing. Like Mike, I'm not resentful - I'm glad that WE (Mike) is setting the standard - and they are following - which means WE (Mike) must be LEADING!

Anyway, if you want to see what real stewardship is, look at Mike Huckabee's campaign. If you want to see true conservative economics at work - i.e. people accomplishing more with their own money than a big corporation would - look at Mike Huckabee's campaign. Randy is a perfect example!

Road Update from Trucker Randy:

Randy was on the road about noon today, Sunday 1/27 near Purcel , Oklahoma, just south of Oklahoma City. Everywhere he stops, truckers are grabbing up the signs.

Randy is still headed for Laredo, Texas with the IBM computers made in Minnesota and sold to Mexico. On his way there he is going to the San Antonio Airport to pick up the Lady from England Paula Jacobs who is flying in to ride along on his journey across America for Mike Huckabee to help distribute the signs to truckers!

Paula's husband has given her the birthday present of a trip to America to help Randy pass out the signs to Truckers. She is scheduled to arrive at 6 PM. Paula is an American who moved to England about 14 years ago and her Mother lives in Dayton, Ohio. Paula has made an effort to keep up with what is happening in America and in doing so has a good knowledge of what is happening in this election and who is the best Presidential candidate running this year, Mike Huckabee!!

Randy received a call from Adam McManus of KSLR San Antonio Radio at
to get an update of Randy's truckin for Mike. Adam is excited about Randy and his Quest. Randy mentioned he was coming to San Antonio to pick up Paula. Adam asked if Randy would like to have a tour of the radio station!

Then Adam mentions how Randy will have a hard time getting into the airport with his rig and offered to take Randy to get Paula and take them out for dinner! God is mapping out before Randy!

3:00 PM- Trucker Randy has reached Fort Worth Texas with an event that has happened. A pickup pulled up along side Randy and got Randy's attention to pull over. Randy obliged. The gentleman came up and asked Randy where he got the 'Trucks for Huckabee' signs? He knew all about Governor Huckabee, was totally excited to support Mike and wanted to get some signs like Randy has on his Trucks! Randy told him the story and the Owner of the Trucking Company took signs for all of his Texas Fleet, over fifty Trucks!!!

Randy is able to listen to Fox News on his radio and heard Mike's interview on Mike Wallace at 2 PM EST today. He wants everyone to tune into it at the repeat time of 6 PM EST and listen to the best interview Mike has done to date. Randy says to record it and show it to everyone , family, friends, and neighbors!

We talked about Governor Huckabee's specific plans for the economy tying it to the infrastructure. Randy got so excited to hear about Mike's new Blogg post. ... og_id=1279

Not only will it create some great paying construction jobs, but the I-95 corridor is so crowded. Randy used to haul Blue Berries from Maine to Florida, but he traffic was impossible. Randy thinks the network of the truckers, the largest connected network in the USA, will be very happy to hear about the plan! Randy has a son Brent who lives in Jacksonville Florida and when Brent takes I-95 to work, a 20 minute trip takes 1.5 hours.

More on Trucker Randy coming up, with his itinerary for the days up to Super Tuesday, with more on his adventures in his Quest across America to elect our next President of the USA Mike Huckabee!

A sidenote, in Florida, the meetups are doing sign waving and truckers are all blowing their horns for Mike!!!


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"McCain is Most Electable" - NOT! (Why would the Dems elect a moderate Republican when they can just elect a Democrat?)

Lots of Republican political talking heads are saying that McCain is the most electable. This is exactly what's wrong with the Republican party.

Clearly, John McCain is seen as the most moderate Republican candidate. Good for him, that's the maveric style he likes and wants, and he's demonstrated that with the amnesty bill, campaign reform bill, and the gang of 14. Regardless of whether you like him or not because of or despite those things, most people agree that he's the most moderate Republican.

Now, here's the question:

Why would the Democrats and Independents of the Country elect a moderate Republican if they have a choice between him and an actual real live Democrat?

It makes no sense. Now, when you're in Congress trying to cut a deal and you don't have enough Democrats to make it work and you're looking for a moderate Republican, you go to McCain.

BUT, when you're talking about the voting American public in November, the liberal-minded are going to vote for an ACTUAL Democrat, not a moderate Republican. Here's an unregistered liberal voter in the voting booth: "Should I pull the lever for an actual Democrat or should I pull the lever for the Republican who likes the Dems, but who's also pro-life and pro-Iraq-war? Hmmmm ..."

Thus, McCain's moderation will actually drive voters to vote for the Democratic candidate in November.

In other words, a moderate Republican in Congress is one thing, a moderate Republican in November does nothing but water down, not strengthen, the Republican party - and encourage the liberals to choose the "truely liberal Democratic candidate."

Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Ego-trip of the nea-sayers "not electable" comments

I'm coming to realize that when a person (or RMSM - Republican Main Stream Media) says that they'd consider voting for Huckabee, except that he's "not electable," that what they really mean is this:

"I don't want to vote for someone who might lose. I only want to vote for someone for whom I am assured of a win."

Which then translates into:

"I only want to be on winning teams - no matter what. As long as my team and my guy win, the rest - the substance, the character - is irrelevant."

This "I want a guaranteed win" mentallity is part of what is wrong with America today. Why?

1. It's short-term and short-sighted and immediate-gratification only.

2. It ignores the work and the effort part of the equation. It would be much better to say "I want to be on the team that has the best skills and gives the best effort, and I hope a win is the end result of that work and effort." This is the mentallity that is so sorely lacking in our society today. We blame and point to the kids and young adults, but obviously, the adults are modeling this behavior for the kids.

3. Nothing is guaranteed. Everything involves risk - especially in America. This is just another example of people wanting to be spoon-fed an easy, risk-free life. They don't want to work or commit without their desired result being guaranteed. What's surprising is that this demeanor is coming from the Republicans, who stand for personal-responsibility.

So, it's really not about Mike Huckabee at all.

It's about the frailty of the speaker's ego.

Be an example of a person with character, vote for Mike Huckabee, not your ego.


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

FREE "Kids' Bank Book"

MY FUNDRAISER FOR YOUR FRIENDS WHO DON'T EVEN KNOW OR DON'T CARE WHO HUCKABEE IS – How to Raise a lot of money for Mike Huckabee (between now & Super Tues):


I am giving away a FREE copy of my e-book, "Kids' Bank Book" (over 100 pages, plus charts, appendices, etc.) to anyone who donates $27 (the usual price) to the Huckabee for President campaign.

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[Just copy the part between the lines above & paste it to your email & send to your email list & you’re off and running!]

LET’S GIVE AWAY 100,000 copies & raise 2.7 million dollars. HERE WE GO ...


Wishing the Next President of the United States Mike Huckabee & his Supporters All the Best,

SIGNS $1 EACH: [url][/url]

BLOG: [url][/url]



Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ordinary People Rising Above Expectations

It's when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached. - Mike Huckabee

I am soooo looking forward to the night of November 4, 2008 when all of the Republican-MSM-nea-sayers say, "Well, Huckabee did it, he really did!"

Wishing the Next President of the United States Mike Huckabee & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ASK NOT . . .

ASK NOT what the Mike Huckabee can do for you, its supporters. Rather,
ASK what YOU can do for the Mike Huckabee campaign.


Can you:

1. Donate $25 real dollars now?
2. Can you find a Ranger to match it now?
3. Can you donate $100 dollars now in lieu of the extra candles & chotskies that you’ll mindlessly acquire over the next 4 weeks?
4. Can you buy & put up 20 signs/posters (@ $1 each w/free shipping) around your neighborhood?
5. If not, can you sew a small fabric banner, or glue a felt banner, like Betsy did over 200 years ago?
6. Can you hang it on your front door? Front porch? Back porch? Garage door? Shed? Outside or inside your apartment window?
7. If not, can you make a few signs on white poster board with permanent markers or poster paint and do the same?
8. Can you staple, super-glue, or duck-tape them to a piece of wood or metal and hammer/stamp it into the ground in the road-frontage in front of your children’s schools? Your workplace? Your supermarket? Your favorite strip-mall? Your busiest intersection? Your local coffee shop? Your nearest Starbucks? Your local home improvement store?
9. Can you put the sign near the group mail boxes in your development?
10. If not, can you write on your back windshield in special markers?
11. If not, can you have printed in full color & hand out 200 fliers from one of the campaign’s pre-fab fliers?
12. If not, can you drive while a fellow Huckabee supporter hands out fliers or tacks up signs?
13. If not, can you do the handing out and the tacking while others drive & have them printed?
14. If not, can you go to the MeetUp to encourage and cheer on and support those who can?
15. If not, can you host a MeetUp on Thursday January 24th (or the next debate date) to all watch the Debate together and get excited and make plans?
16. If not, can you do the same at a local diner/sports bar?
17. If not, can you get someone (like me) to make a ton of b&w fliers on eye-catching color paper (& mail to you @ no charge) and then you can hand them out or canvas a neighborhood with them or post on bulletin boards?
18. If not, can you simply black-and-white photocopy a handful of them to post on a few local bulletin boards & opportune places?
19. If not, can you print or write a few copies of why you like Mike Huckabee for President and hand them out to your favorite local business owners?
20. How about to your school board members?
21. How about to your town council members?
22. How about (for NJ residents) to your local freeholders?
23. If not, can you call, write, email or fax a note to your state senator or representative about why you are voting for Mike Huckabee and why you want him/her to vote for Mike too, and why you want them to endorse Mike too?
24. If not, can you write and fax or email or mail a 3 sentence letter to the editor of your local newspaper about why you are voting for Mike Huckabee?
25. If not, can you write and fax or email or mail a 3 sentence letter to the free weekly newspaper that you get with the mail, you know the one with coupons and circulars and the one that follows the local school sports and honor rolls?
26. If not, can you get an Avery Labels package of iron-on t-shirt decals and print on your home color ink-jet, or have printed at your local or chain (kinkos, staples) printer, and iron it onto a t-shirt or sweatshirt?
27. Can you wear the shirt at your or your friend’s Super Bowl party?
28. If not, can you bring a few printed out fliers to the Super Bowl party?
29. Can you think of the TOP 3 REASONS why you like Mike and cut and paste those reasons from the fliers or issue statements onto a Word document so that it prints 4 to a page and you can cut them up & have them ready to hand out wherever you go in the next 2 days?
30. If not, can you bring a typed, handwritten or printed-out personal note or flier (or combination) to every church, temple, mosque or other place of worship in your town and introduce yourself and tell them you like Mike and leave them the note/flier to find out why?
31. If not, can you write a little note card (the kind for thank you notes) in your own personal handwriting about why you like Mike with a website reference and leave it for your neighbors on their doorsteps?
32. Can you mail the same note card to every person in your town and the surrounding towns that you know?
33. Can you mail it to everyone on your Christmas card or holiday card list?
34. Can you mail it to every professional and business that you did business with last year? Your veterinarian, pet-groomer, pet-store-owner, dog-walker, kennel/pet boarding place, doctor, specialist, dentist, orthodontist, pediatrician, chiropractor, optometrist, pharmacist, yoga instructor, therapist/counselor, local book seller, plumber, electrician, handyman, home improvements person, pool company, pest control guy, housekeeper/cleaning person, caterer, deli, bakery owner, favorite local ice cream shop, local small business garden center, mortgage rep, accountant, book-keeper, banker, investment advisor, wills lawyer, real estate lawyer, traffic court lawyer, business lawyer, hardware store, cell phone person, interior decorator, home-stager, real estate agent, home owners insurance agent, workers comp insur agt, health insur agt, life insur agt, car insur agt, personal trainer, gym, karate dojo, each coach/instructor of every extra-curricular activities of the kids, health food store owner and health supplement provider, snow-plow guy, lawn care people, landscaper, mason/wall repair, asphalt/driveway service people, local stone/patio supplier, car salesperson, furniture sales person, local light-fixtures shop owner, local horse-stables & horseback riding academy owner, florist, hair-stylist/barber, massage therapist, local business card printer, large-screen-HD-tv salesperson, business/personal gift-basket salesperson, business promotional products rep, spring-water-distributor/deliverer, water-softener servicing company/deliverer, favorite local pizza place, favorite specialty seafood store, specialty meats store, specialty cheese and fine foods tore, dry-cleaners, tailor, shoe-repair person, favorite local gift shop, favorite local kids toys/crafts store, favorite local discount shoes store, local quilt shop, local bait shop, local sporting store, local paint-your-own ceramics shop, house-wares store, business continuing-ed instructor, airport-limo service, photographer, jeweler, DJ, computer repair person, computer salesperson, auto mechanic, auto-body repair shop owner, gas attendant/station owner, garbage collectors, mailman, newspaper delivery person, favorite local radio station DJ or CEO, local tv channel CEO (you know the one with the scrolling community announcements), local chamber of commerce, local better business bureau clerks, local service organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.), favorite small business local clothes store owner/manager, etc.
35. Can you make 50 phone calls to Florida?
36. If not, can you make 25 phone calls to Florida?
37. If not, can you check up on, encourage, or bring brownies to someone who is making phone calls?
38. If not, can you end every in-person and telephone conversation between now and Super Tuesday by telling the other person, “by the way, just wanted to let you know I’m voting for Mike Huckabee for President on Tuesday, I think’s he’s the next best thing to sliced bread!”?
39. If not, can you jot at the bottom of every post-it note that you give to someone “Huckabee ‘08” or “Vote on Super Tuesday”?
40. If not, can you send the most inspiring blog posting or press release from the official Huckabee for President website to the friend that it’s most appropriate for?
41. Can you put at the bottom that donating $25 to Huckabee’s campaign will go a long way to making this Country a better place?
42. If not, can you do a SIGN WAVE (stand alone or with friends at a busy corner, or busy place, like when worship lets out, holding a sign & waving to people) by yourself?
43. If not, can you do a sign wave with your kids?
44. If not, can you do a sign wave with those 2 or 3 special friends who’ll go and do anything anytime anywhere with you just because you asked?
45. If not, can you get together with your MeetUp group and do a sign wave this weekend?
46. If not, can you join 1, preferably 3, MeetUp groups?
47. Can you email to your MeetUp group all the cool info you find on the official Huckabee blog?
48. If not, can you visit lots of the other “unofficial” Huckabee blogs & leave comments so that those blogs get more traffic and are thus easier for web surfers to find?
49. If not, can you start a Huckabee MeetUp group in your area?
50. If not, can you receive a free copy of my “Kids’ Bank Book” e-book in exchange for making a donation of $27 to the Huckabee campaign under my Donor Code R5666 by going here - , and emailing me at
51. If not, can you forward this offer to 3 friends with kids who could really use the “Kids’ Bank Book”?
52. If not, can you ask someone like me for help, by emailing me at, on doing any one of these 50, or any other Huckabee-supporting idea?
53. If not, can you visit and listen to the music and envision Mike Huckabee taking the oath of office of the President of the United States of America in January 2009, and hold that thought for 1 minute?
54. If not, can you remember Mike Huckabee in your family’s dinner prayers of thanksgiving?
55. If not, can you smile 5 times tomorrow while envisioning Mike Huckabee being announced on November 4, 2008 as the Next President of the United States of America?
56. If not, can you be still and pray for Mike Huckabee for just this moment?


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Monday, January 21, 2008

What Does LEADERSHIP look like?

For me, Mike Huckabee is Right On! with all the issues I care about most - taxes, economy, war against terror, immigration, health care and education.

But this video is a perfect example of why Mike Huckabee inspires me.

Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Friday, January 18, 2008

Why I'm not voting Democrat - can you say "victim" and "abuse"

I fall into that category of Americans who believe that me, myself, I am completely, totally responsible for my attitude and response to my life events and circumstances.

I am not alone in this - Ben Stein joins me, so does Doug Hall, Joyce Myer, Joel Osteen, Dr. Phil, and a myriad of other Americans. [How's that for name dropping?]

So, I am "sick and tired" of hearing the follow 2 words, which I have now come to consider anti-American explicitly because of their unashamed wide-spread proliferation upon our Society:

1. victim
2. abuse

Why do I bring this up now? This issue has been the focal point of the complaint of the personal-responsibility crowd since the multi-million dollar McDonald's hot cup of coffee protracted litigation.

But Now, we have a Presidential Election - a vote for the leader of our Country, and an opportunity to choose either the personal-responsibility view or the victim-mentality view.

And . . . what do I see/hear on the Chicago Tribune website . . . but a clip of Obama talking to a handful of folks, and mentioning IN ONE SENTENCE no less, BOTH words -



And, do you know what it was referencing?

Was it referencing the Iraqi citizens who were victims and suffered abuse under the terroristic hand of their de-throned former dictator Saddam Hussein? Nope.

Was it referencing the American soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan who may fall victim to the abuse and assault of the still-out-there Islamic terrorists whose only mission is to eliminate the Americans? Nope.

Was it the American public who are enticed to become victims of a Main Stream Media that distorts reality into meaningless yet instigating soundbites in an attempt to politically abuse the target of the day? Nope.

IT WAS the "abuse" of "unscrupulous" credit card and mortgage companies who were dumb enough to give people money when they promised to repay it, and which people now are "victims" of these high credit card rates of over 20% and high adjustable mortgage rates! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

Those people individually unilaterally and of their own free will made charges to those credit cards.

They ASKED the mortgage companies to give them money to buy a house even though they could have continued renting and even though their credit scores were weak. And then when the mortgage companies said yes, those people signed almost 100 pages of documents saying that they knew the interest rate of the mortgage, knew the risks, were capable of repaying the mortgage, promised to repay the mortgage, and represented and certified that they were doing this of their own free will, voluntarily without coercion or duress.

NOOOOWWWWW, Obama wants to - first thing we do is to get more money into the pockets of these "victims" and also we crack down these unscrupulous lenders. Then, somehow, this will, he says, "help educate consumers." Oh really? Throwing money at people doesn't educate them, it encourages continued-intentional-victim-hood-ignorance.


This is the very reason why Obama will destroy this Great Country - just dump money onto people who cry victim and abuse and who refuse to accept any personal responsibility - it was his INSTANT IMMEDIATE reaction. He had not even a flinch of misgiving.

His campaign slogan must be "You are all victims who have been abused & we'll go get those meanies and put you on a federal-enablement program wherein we'll continue to enable you so much that you'll never want to leave and you'll never become self-sufficient or understand personal responsibility, but that's okay because then you'll be beholden to me and re-elect me and make me feel good about what I did for you."

Can you say The Grand Inquisitor Chapter of the Brothers Karamazov?

Scary. Scary. Scary.

I don't know about you but my vote is for personal responsibility and getting those who believe they are victims to exercise the personal responsibility muscle - it takes time and practice.

But, Gov. Mike Huckabee was able to do it in Arkansas - he reduced the Welfare rolls by 50% ----- 50% ----- that's huge!!!
And, you know, when someone shifts from victim-hood to personal-responsibility, oh so many other wonderful things fall into place for them, their family, their children, their children's school, their neighborhood, their community, and their State . . . and ultimately, the entire Country.


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book
I Like Mike

Why Don't the Other 5 Support the Fair Tax?

Three reasons:


There's alot at stake - money, power, fame, leadership, ego, pride, status, endorsements, "the election."

When there's alot at stake, MOST people tend to take fewer risks.

Think about it this way, if I sat a 3-inch-wide beam on the floor right down the middle of your living room, you could probably walk across it just fine without too much fear, right?

BUT, if I put it so that it 40-stories up in the air, spans across a busy city, atop 2 tall 40-story-buildings, I'm thinking you'd be white with fear at the thought of walking across it, right? Why? Because there's alot (i.e. your life) at stake!

Maybe they're afraid of, oh, let's just pick a few:

1. fear that no one will believe them, and thus, losing the election
2. fear of "looking silly" and thus, losing the election
3. fear of not accomplishing the goal, and thus "looking stupid" and thus losing the re-election
4. fear of not convincing the rest of government (Congress, lobbyists, etc) of the importance and brilliance of the Fair Tax and thus, "looking stupid" and etc.
5. fear of being asked tough questions, and thus, losing the election
6. fear that the American people won't understand it, and thus losing the election
7. fear that the American people won't like it, and thus losing the election
8. fear that the American people will fear change in the status quo of "what they've always done", and thus losing the election
9. fear that it won't "sell" well, and thus losing the election
10. fear that it will be difficult to do, and thus failing

If you look at it from just a risk/reward analysis, I completely understand why the other 5 Republican candidates don't want to rock the boat about the IRS tax system.

So, here's the question,

Do you want a candidate of fear?
Or of informed optimism?

Do you want a candidate focused on his win?
Or on what's best for Americans?

Do you want a candidate who recoils from unpopular tough decisions?
Or who looks into the "Eye of the Tiger"?

[BTW, it's not as if any of the other 5 candidates have a different plan to overhaul the ridiculous counter-intuitive, counter-productive American tax system, and they're saying, "my new tax plan is better than the Fair Tax plan." The other 5 candidates just want to change some of the provisions (a.k.a. "tweak") the existing IRS tax system.]

Doug Hall, author of "Jump Start Your Brain," (an awesome book btw) and "Jump Start Your Business Brain," believes in the American Dream, and taking risks - he's a descendant of the Founding Fathers, and embraces personal freedom AND personal responsibility. If you want to read more about fear and courage in the face of the risks/rewards of life, read his book, "Making the Courage Connection."

I choose to live by conviction and courage, not fear. Sometimes I don't always hit the ideal mark, but that's the habit and pattern and goal of my daily living.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a leader who's made the same choice?


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book

Did You Know that Drug Dealers & Criminals are Tax Exempt?

It's true! You & I pay for the income taxes for drug dealers and other criminals. They essentially are TAX EXEMPT under the current income tax plan.

Why? Because, currently, Americans are taxed on income - that is, we're taxed on the FRUITS OF OUR PRODUCTIVITY. But, people forget 1 thing - we're taxed on the fruits of our productivity that are reported to the IRS.

So, I'm thinking that the drug dealers and other criminals are NOT reporting their revenues. Call me crazy, but that's my conclusion. So, if they are not reporting their income, then they are not paying taxes. If they are not paying taxes, then they are DEFACTO tax exempt.

Just thinking of the additional $$$ revenues into the federal government from drug dealers alone makes me do the happy dance!!!

Want to read more about the insanity (and other ills) of our current tax system, and why Fair Tax is important for our Country? Then go to HERE.

Once again, I reiterate the 2 main reasons why I think the Fair Tax is the FUTURE for America:

1. It means that America is aligning its tax system with its core values of ingenuity and productivity (I've written about this idea many times below, GO HERE)

2. It means that EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN is responsible for his/her own choices of what he/she does with his/her money. Why is this important?

Because I, along with many many others are just disgusted by how this Great Country has fallen into the "blame game" and "entitlement" attitude (we of this ilk often refer to the "million dollar hot cup of coffee" as a symbol of how our entire culture has been completely infiltrated with "new value sytem" that we can avoid personal responsibility when we get either blame others - aka lawsuit - or we should be able to get it from others for free or from the government - aka entitlement).

We want a return to personal responsibility! And, the current American tax system undermines that very theory. Essentially it says, "We the government are taking part of your income, part of your productivity, part of everything that you CREATE. Keep creating, and we'll take more of your creation." It means, "You get to decide what to do with 60% of your income and productivity, we the government will decide what to do with 40% of your income and productivity."

Now, the government needs to be funded - it always has. But, under the Fair Tax Plan, the value system is re-cast to be in line with our traditional values of personal freedom and personal responsibility: So, then, the government says, "You the American people keep all of your income, all of your work product, all of your productivity, all of your ingenuity and creation. You, the American people decide - you the American people have 100% unilateral authority - over what you do with your money."

We are responsible for our choices too!

We get to:

1. Invest it
2. Give it
3. Spend the daylights out of it

And, we get to do it all by ourselves - without the government!!!

I want to remind people of what "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki says. He reminds the middle and upper-middle class about these truths:

1. "Rich people" know that money makes more money, and they have money work for them rather than them working for money. [BTW, Kiyosaki's definition of rich, or independently wealthy, is when your monthly investment income exceeds your monthly expenses. Want to exercise your money muscle and find out what this really means? Get his CashFlow 101 game.]

2. "Rich people" know how to invest money BEFORE the government takes their share of taxes - thus enabling a huge amount of leverage on that pre-tax money

Kiyosaki described this last theory in his last PBS Special on the "Cashflow Quadrant" book. Get more info about Kiyosaki's teachings HERE at

And, in case you're wondering, Kiyosaki doesn't want to keep the middle & upper-middle class "down." He's not an elitist. That's why he & Donald Trump wrote, "Why We Want You to Be RICH."

When you replace the current income tax system with the Fair Tax, then you can completely utilize ALL of your money to have your money working for YOU to make you more money - just like "rich people" do - so that you can yet off the "Rat Race" on onto the "Fast Track" of independent wealth sooner!

Mike Huckabee is the ONLY ONLY ONLY Presidential candidate who WANTS the FAIR TAX.


Wishing Mike & his supporters All the Best,
The Kids' Bank Book